When Buying or Selling a home.

The first and only call you need to make is to Nspectr Services. You don't want to make one of the biggest purchases of your life, without the professional advice of a Certified Master Inspector.


A complete inspection is essential,

because walls can't talk. A Certified Master Inspector is fully trained to tell what they would say if they could! Buy with full confidence not reservations and frustrations.


You'll sleep like a baby,

in your new home, when you have had a complete inspection, from the Certified Master Inspector at Nspectr Services.


Nspectr Services

One of the Premier Home Inspection Companies in Oshawa, that always go above and beyond the call of duty for their customers. Inspecting homes in Oshawa, Whitby, Clarington & Durham Region is only a small part of the job, client education as to the quality, condition and energy consumption of the home they own or the one they are planning to buy is even more important.

Make sure your home inspection is done by a Certified Master Inspector© will help ensure you walk away from it with a complete understanding of the home, the report, plus the good feeling that you have gained valuable knowledge during your home inspection.

Our number one mission is to provide the best quality home inspections to our clients, as well as improve the public opinion of the home inspection industry as a whole.

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News & Extras

After doing over 1000 inspections and completing needed training, Charles Eden applied for and was accepted as a "Certified Master Inspector".

There are alot of good inspectors out there but only a few are able to become "CMI" inspectors. If you believe that you deserve the best make sure your inspector has the "Certified Master Inspector" seal. read more >>

Despite what you might think, thermographic imaging cameras can't see behind walls. Instead, they detect temperature variations related to heat and moisture along building surfaces and they assist in finding problems.

While not every house will need to have it, you can have the choice of adding this optional report. read more >>

Home Inspector Mentoring

So you've completed your "Home Inspection Courses" at College or online, what's next ?

The most important thing you can do for yourself is obtain hands on training from a Certified Master Inspector®. This is where we can help, being one the only companies willing to do Mentoring for home inspectors that want to become professional full-time inspectors.

Top 3 reasons for using a mentor!

  • 1.) Inspect Real Homes
  • 2.) Customer Interaction
  • 3.) Real Tips That Work!

Top 3 benefits you can expect to see after you've completed your Mentoring Sessions.

  • 1.) Inspection Confidence
  • 2.) Marketing Ideas
  • 3.) On Going Support

Learn more

Choosing the right home inspector?

The first thing you should look for when choosing a "Home Inspector" to inspect your home is a "Certified Master Inspector" and the "CMI Logo".

Secondly either ask for references or check the Better Business Bureau status of the inspector. The best inspectors will tell you about everything you should know once the inspection is done including the best way save energy and lower utility bills.

Being Professional Inspectors we will always work with our clients long after the home inspection is done to make sure they have someone to rely on for honest unbaised advice about repairs, upgrades & energy saving should they need it.

Find out more about Certified Master Inspector "CMI" >>>


  • Completely Trained
  • Completely Master Inspector Certified
  • Completely Insured
  • Completely Inspected Over 1000 Homes


Customer knowledge and education.

Our hope is to help educate our customers and give them the knowledge they need to not only buy or sell their homes.

Then when the time comes, also maintain, improve and repair as needed.

Well educated clients make better decisions when hiring home inspectors, contractors, repair people, planning for home improvements and maintaining their homes, all in the most cost effective manner.

Food for thought!.

NEVER base your decision soley on price if someone seems to be giving big discounts there is almost always good reason, BEWARE.

The above holds true for all other people you might need to hire to do work around your home, always get 3 or 4 estimates and compare them closley to make sure they are all doing the same job. Try not to be a "test dummy" for someone offering the latest, greatest product that has no real facts to back up claims.

When in doubt ask your inspector for advice they will always try to steer you right.

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How to Pay

Payment for inspection services are required to be on or before the date that the inspection is required. We can accept all of the following methods plus checks & eTranfer. Note: eTransfer must be arranged and done before inspection.